What is HAF?

HAF is a prgramme run by local councils, which we are a part of in Hillingdon, Hounslow, Ealing, and Buckinghamshire. The rules and the way it works is different between each local authority so please check which you live in. 



The link above will take you to the hillingdon HAF explainer, which will explain how the rules work for Hillingdon, how you can find out if you're eligible, and find out what your HAF number is. 

If you are eligible, click book now or go to https://booking.aktivacamps.com/login and then select the Hillingdon HAF Option.



The link above will take you to Hounslow's HAF explainer, to see if you are eligible. To book sessions in hounslow, you must use the Hounslow HAF booking system, given in the voucher email they will send you if you are eligible. Please do not book through Aktiva's booking system as this will cause errors. 



The link above will take you to the Ealing borough HAF explainer, to see if you are eligible and how you can get a code to take advantage of the program. Please book through the ealing booking portal



The link above will take you to the Buckinghamshire Council HAF info page for information eligibility and how to book.