Aktiva is an Ofsted registered child care provider. We have recently received a positive report from our latest Ofsted inspection. The report details the main strengths and areas of improvement for Aktiva in relation to the outcomes for children set out in the Children’s Act 2004.

Here is what recent reports say about us: 

"Children are happy and enjoy coming into this relaxed, nurturing club...Older children happily play alongside younger children in this inclusive environment" - Aktiva @ Southfields, 2022

"Children arrive happily and quickly settle into a calm and welcoming environment. Staff organise a wealth of interesting activities based on children's interests, which they access freely. Firm friendships are established as children eagerly listen to one another about how they spent their day" - Aktiva @ St Martins, 2022

"Children are encouraged to be active and are motivated by fun and engaging staff who ensure that all children are having a good time. Children are kind and caring towards each other." - Aktiva @ Brackenbury, 2023

"Children benefit from a welcoming environment where they feel safe and secure. They make new friends, play together in harmony and can ask for help when required." - Aktiva @ Mt Carmel 2019

"Staff are excellent role models for the children. They talk to children in a calm and professional manner and superbly support children's social and emotional well-being. Children share resources fairly and take turns." - Aktiva @ St John's Jubilee , 2019

"Children are provided with lots of opportunities for outdoor play. They have a variety of learning activities and experiences to choose from, based on their interests. " - Aktiva @ Grove Park, 2019

"Children are well motivated, keenly try new activities and get on well with each other. For example, they engage well in pretend play, such as with toy trains, trucks and mechanic tools." - Aktiva @ Andre Malraux, 2019

"Children receive a very warm welcome into the camp by the friendly staff. They are happy and settled. Staff are very observant to support any child who is a bit nervous on arrival." - Aktiva @ Belmont, 2023

"Children enjoy attending this warm and happy after-school club. They know where to meet in the playground and will greet each other with a hug before the group forms a line to walk to their club. Older children support and welcome the younger children." - Aktiva @ West Acton, 2023

"Children enjoy attending this warm and friendly club. Staff welcome children as they excitedly meet their friends. Children begin the session knowing the routine to wash their hands before they settle for a generous and nutritious snack." - Aktiva @ The John Locke Academy, 2023

"Staff use their excellent knowledge of what children enjoy and can do. They plan a wide variety of activities, inside and outside, to engage and motivate children at all times. Children report that they 'love' coming to the club." Aktiva @ Derwentwater, 2018

"Staff expertly observe children's play and plan carefully chosen themes that match children's varying interests. For example, children have lots of fun as they make Japanese lanterns, Kenyan necklaces and carnival masks." Aktiva @ Ark Priory, 2019

"They [children] are confident to share their views and say that the club 'is very good fun'. Children have fun as they take part in a wide range of activities and experiences at the club." Aktiva @ Ark Byron, 2021