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Holiday Camps 

Come and join the fun at Mount Carmel Primary!

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Aktiva holiday camps are multi-choice, multi-activity holiday camps that give your child the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills through sport and play!

Your child will be looked after by our trained, qualified and caring staff. Our first aiders always present and available onsite. Staff members lead organised activities, including sports such as tennis, cricket, or football, and art activities, including painting, drawing, and clay modelling, in line with our theme of the week. During free flow activities, our staff members get involved in games of tag, stuck in the mud, or capture the flag, and ensure all children are involved and having fun!

We welcome children from all schools as well as children from all over the world. Your children will make new friends and meet new people in our exciting and vibrant community.

We offer both our extended day of 7:45am - 6 pm or the standard day of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

What's the day like?

Sample Day

  7.45 am– drop off, children are registered and engage in free play, outdoors as long as weather permits

  9:00 am - Circle time & Ice breakers – children are introduced to each other through games. Here we can share what we like and don't like to do

  9:30 am -Session 2 , either arts or sports and adult initiated

10:30 am - Snack time!

11:30 am -Session 3 , either arts or sports and adult initiated. Children are encouraged to try art if they did sport or sport if they did art, but the choice is always theirs

  1:00 pm - Lunchtime!

  1:30 pm - Free play after lunch

  2:00 pm - Session 4, either art or sport and  adult initiated

  3:00 pm -Snack time!

  3:30 pm -  Session 5, either art or sport and  adult initiated

  5:00 pm - Pickup time begins, and lighter sport or art sessions

  6:00 pm - All children must be picked up by 6:00pm , site closes

Activities in the structured sessions include sports such as :  football, basketball, hockey, tennis, tag rugby, netball, volleyball, benchball, shark attack and many more; and art activities such as: drawing, painting, collage, clay modelling, sand art, making animals and many others.